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Back by popular demand

Want to know something AMAZING. I’m a momma now! I spent the year making a tiny person who makes every day an adventure and smiles every time I talk to him. It’s awesome. Last year me would think this year me is crazy, but everyone should have a baby. Everyone should have all the babies.


Throw caution to the wind and #haveallthebabies

I also spent the year eating Wegman’s chocolate chip muffins and baking “lactation” cookies aka – normal oatmeal cookies with an excuse to over eat. This is evidenced by my 12 month sized 5 month old and a beautiful belly pooch to rest the baby on. That’s what I tell myself at least.

Here’s the quick rundown of mommyhood-to-date as far as health goes. I gained about 38 lbs during pregnancy and lost 18 in the two weeks after birth. We went dairy and soy free because little bit is apparently allergic to them in my milk and 8 weeks of colic weren’t really colic, but silent reflux and food allergies. Awesome. Learning to swim in the deep end of parenthood.

We’re 5 months postpartum tomorrow and doing much better. Little bit takes three naps of random length each day and goes to sleep around 7:30 each night. Mommy is actually sleeping for the first time for more than 4 hours since his birth and things are going well. Except weight loss, that’s not going anywhere. I now weigh 175.4, about 24 lbs less than my weight at birth, but still 13ish pounds from my pre-preggo weight.

With a new baby, weight has really become just a number for the first time in a long time for me. Its there and something you could describe me with, like she’s wearing pink nail polish and boots, but its no longer something that contributes to who I see myself as. It happened pretty much overnight. I was obsessed with weighing myself during pregnancy, and now, while I still weigh myself, its mostly – “meh.”

That said, its time for a change. Pregnancy DESTROYED my health. I ache all the time. I have headaches, back aches, muscle aches, whole being aches. I got clogged ducts, thrush, and engorged. I’ve been sick 3 times for 4 weeks in 5 months. That’s like for-e-ver. Oh and postpartum anxiety is real. Really real. Awake from 3-6 am real.

Now that my hormones have somewhat regulated, and I’m no longer checking that the baby is breathing every 20 minutes (j/k I won’t stop doing this until he’s 18 and moves out), I feel like its time to put some energy into me. A heathy mommy is a better mommy. And I need to feel better for me. I need hobbies, friends, and coffee. Lots of coffee. I need exercise and energy. I need to change.

So I’m cutting out sugar and gluten again and limiting carbs. I’ll share recipes here as usual and recap some of my days. I’ve had several friends and followers ask when I’d start blogging again from the mom side of things so I’m back by popular demand. Thanks for not giving up on me!


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I’ve missed you baby…

PicMonkey CollageYou’ve been on my mind, baby.

I know, they all say that when they come crawling back….

All coy like no time has passed.

With promises that it won’t happen again.

They think mean it.

Even though you know it will happen again…and again.

Have me back in your blog reader again, baby? I swear I won’t leave you for bourbon and rock and roll again. [Except for next Friday, I already made those plans.]

Although I’ve been elsewhere, I didn’t forget about the blog. I’ve made some great recipes, and even snapped some photos, but hadn’t found the time to sit down and put in the time to getting them up.

I did finish out the 30 days of clean eating and pure barre march madness minus an adult beverage here and there. Afterward, I didn’t make any progress on the weight loss/working out. I started saddling that horse again this week.

At the end of the 30 days, I felt a ton cleaner digestively and had more energy. Granted, basically all of that energy was used up planning what the hell I was going to eat next or how to entertain myself since going out was nearly impossible. So, right now, at least, following a 100% clean eating or paleo plan isn’t possible for me. I either need to be busier, to distract me from the fact that I am super duper bored with lean protein and steamed vegetables, or have more positive peer pressure to keep it going. My friends and I like our tapas and sangria.

So what can you expect here? More health updates and more recipes with a focus on clean cooking, eating, and general deliciousness. Probably some drink recipes with summer grilling season upon us. Eventually, you might even find a weight loss plan that’s more moderate, but for now, I’m just experimenting and documenting progress.


Summer Chicken Soup

Breakfast Grab-N-Go Quiche

Pork Tenderloin with Spicy Bark

Homemade Irish Cream

Looking forward to sharing my passion with you again. And baby, I’m glad we’re together. Thanks for taking me back.