Tuna salad, the penultimate lazy summer food.


Nothing is easier than popping open a can of meat (who invented this? I love you and am still worried about why this is ok) and smashing the flaky meat with mayo and veggies. Unfortunately, said mayo doesn’t make the cut of healthful foods, and greek yogurt doesn’t do it for me.


Enter ginger beet kraut.

Ginger, yes. Beets, yes. Sauerkraut, fuck yes. This took the boring greek yogurt substitution to top notch in no time. Let’s not talk about the $7.00 this set me back at fresh market. Shhhhh. You can’t put a price on health. Wait, I just did. It costs thousands of $7.00 impulse buys. I digress.

Get this. Mix it with tuna, greek yogurt, lemon, salt, pepper, and celery and shove it down your fat face. I will.

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